[TIPS]Windows Vista redsn0w 3.0 jailbreak

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    Hey guys, alot of people have been having problems with the redsn0w 3.0 jailbreak on Vista (seems to run fine on XP).

    So, here are a couple of helpful (i think) tips:

    1. Follow BILLAY's tutorial EXACTLY. I know this seems obvious but i saw a friend forget to run redsn0w as admin, and another friend not in compatability mode, so look out for:

    a. Compatability Mode: Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    b. Run as Administrator.
    c. Put it in DFU mode BEFORE you run redsn0w.

    2. If your ipod is stuck on "Downloading Jailbreak Data", all you have to do is hold the Lock and Home button on your ipod until the screen turns black and reboot. Close redsn0w AFTER you reboot the ipod. Then try again.

    Look to see that the status bar in redsn0w moves up a little more every time you retry. Eventually it should finish and start uploading kernels. (I felt so happy when it finally worked)

    Btw, I'm running Windows Vista 64-bit so if it works on my comp, it should work on yours

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    Good Luck I hope I helped.

    EDIT:Btw, if you don't know where BILLAY's guide is, it's among the top 3 threads in this sub-forum. Thanks BILLAY for an awesome tutorial

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