tips to make games run normal? faster?

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    Dec 24, 2007
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    Okay so i figured out to turn the skip frame, up to 3. (highest) and auto save game off, and then overclock by hitting the R1R2 whatever, i had that up to 200% and i play playing megaman 8 , it did seem decent after the tweak, as opposed to the first run!

    I was searching some ******* site and I saw they have 10 different psx bios. Think that would make any difference?

    Also what is interlacing, i turned it off to disable it.

    And is this the best emulator (PSX4ALL) , I do not like how you cant make it wide screen like the NES emulator. But it was the easiest to find, since its listed on Installer.

    Anyone have any more ideas?

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