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    iDevice Fix Guide

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    So, you did something wrong on you're beloved iDevice and you think you are past the point of no return huh? Well here are a few tips on returning or fixing you're iDevice.

    Apple Can Help.......Maybe.
    First try calling apple and discussing whats wrong. Go on don't be shy sometimes they can help. Try the website and their hotline.

    When You Think Crapple Cant Help
    Try you're friends here at Multi Touch Fans and see if whats wrong with you're iDevice has happend to one of us in the community. You'd be surprised how many of us have answers to everyday questions that can also be lifesavers.

    Some Things To Keep In Mind
    -You cannot I REPEAT CANNOT Brick you're iDevice With a jailbreak.
    -Only Battery and hardware problems cause iDevices to be returned to Apple.

    DFU Fixes Mostly Anything.
    If you're iDevice turns on when plugged into the computer you might be saved with a good ol' DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade)
    Okay here is how you put you're iDevice in DFU mode.
    1.Hold Power Button For 3 Seconds
    2.Hold Power And Home Button For 10 Seconds.
    3.Release The Power Button And Hold The Home Button For 20-30 Seconds.
    Remember that you want the Devices screen to be pitch black and to not display the connect to iTunes recovery logo.

    Battery Problems
    The Lithium battery used in the device tends to go haywire if exposed to moisture or drained completely. If you're iDevice can only turn on when connected to an AC wall charger or when supported with a power source it's most likely a Battery problem. Try Cleaning out the USB port but don't get it wet try using an air duster to. But if all else fails it time to seek either apple or a repair.

    Hardware Problems
    If you're iPod is going transformer on you and is constantly doing things it shouldn't like turning off and being non responsive its most likely hardware problems (Ram, GPU, CPU).

    OS (Operating System) Problems
    There are a couple of things that could affect the Operating System to go haywire.
    1.It was rushed and wasn't given time to organize itself.
    2.It was installed incorrectly by you're iTunes.
    3. It's you're computers OS.

    Here are the fixes to the Problems above in order by number.
    1. Let It sit there after an update or restore. Let it charge fully. Reboot when completed.
    2. Uninstall iTunes restart you're PC and reinstall iTunes Latest software.
    3. Use a different computer to restore and sync with you're own.

    Return It To Apple And Get It Over With.
    Before returning it for repair or replacement make sure to either restore or reset all setting in the iDevice Under Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content And Settings.

    1. Make an appointment with the genius bar at a local Apple Store on apples website.
    2. Make Sure to bring the device and the sync cable, headphones(optional), Screen Cleaner(optional) and The Original Box (NOT AN OPTION)
    3.Take it in and explain whats wrong
    4. Let the Apple Genius work his magic.
    5. If the apple employee decides to get you a replacement he will check if they have any in stock.
    6. If they don't have a replacement in stock they will order a new one which will arrive in 1-2 weeks.

    If They Don't Have A Replacement In Stock
    1. They will order a new one to be shipped to them.
    2. You will be notified when you're order has arrived.
    3. Take you're old device with you and give it to them and take you're new one.
    4. When you receive you're new device it will be in a fancy wrapping I recommend not removing the screen protector as it can be very useful.

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