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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by robcoffee, Feb 17, 2008.

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    I stupidly introduced my GF to Islots (can't think of that game without thinking of Beavis and Butt Head), and since I can't get her off it. Yet again tonite she is off trying to win big on the sluts. So while working on my laptop I get to thinking about threads I have read on Command line execute and an evil little idea pops in my head.

    So with your JB Ipod Touch, if you have wifi at home all you need to do is be able to ssh into your Ipod. I use WinScp, and you of course need to have the IP address of your ipod and WIFI running along with SSH.

    So while my girlfriend is merrily playing away on Islots I SSH into it and open Terminal, as that puts me in /private/var/root I do cd .. three times. Then just because it was the easiest to think of I typed Applications/Calculator.app/Calculator and then hit excute. This caused an instant WTF and much bemusement, because her game had suddenly turned into the Calculator app, and nothing would close it! I had to hold sleep and reboot the ipod to clear it.

    That was kind of fun, but now I think there is much more mileage with Safari, as it opens on the last web page visited you could prep your ipod touch to be on a web page that you would not want other people to see you on, then set a friend off on your ipod playing a game or whatever, and while they are distracted SSH in and excute Safari and see what response they give when they are suddenly looking at { website of your choice }
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    Cool? (10char)
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    great idea

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