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    Hello there.

    I always listen music when I go sleeping and I set the timer in order to shutdown after one or two hours.

    What I don't understand is if is possible to change the default behavior: not just because I'm lazy and I want to tap as less as possible.
    For instance, I go to bed and I set the timer. Meanwhile, I start reading a book. When I feel sleeping, I close the book, turn off the light, check just last new e-mails.
    When I go back to the timer, is still working, but it change the action with the actual default one ("Scorrere del tempo", in italian: I don't know the actual translation in the english version).

    Now, if I've told my iPod to sleep, why it change the action? Yes, if I don't go back to the timer, it keep my selected action, but I don't understand why it change when I go back to the timer.

    The first time I woke up because of that annoying sound

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