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    Hey folks! We recently completed the v1.0.1 update to our new game, Through To Iota, for the iPhone. The Lite version, 2nd iTunes link below, is free so check it out and give it the thumbs up or down depending on your point of view! Here's the scoop:


    The game, Through To Iota, is a devilish mix of pool and curling with four types of stones to master throughout the course of fifty challenging levels spaced into ten stages. Each level consists of a simple objective; shoot the stones into the goals. With varying numbers of stones required per goal, overlapping goals which require a stone to be placed in the overlap, and strategically placed obstacles, this is not as easy as it seems!

    Non-linear game flow ensures the player has continuous opportunities for advancement until he or she reaches Iota, which is unlocked only after completing the first forty-five levels.

    As gametrailers described it on
    "If Billiards and Curling had a child, it would be in the App Store."

    As "JayJayflash" in the Canadian iTunes App Store said:
    "This game is addicting! And Frustrating as hell! I want to throw my phone through the window but I can't stop playing it!! I have to finish it!"

    Can *you* make it Through To Iota??

    Web information:

    Through To Iota | Binary Dawn Interactive
    YouTube - Through To Iota Gameplay Video
    Through To Iota Video Game, Debut Gameplay | Game Trailers & Videos |
    Through To Iota - Debut Gameplay | SPIKE

    iTunes information:
    Full link: Through To Iota
    Free Lite link: Through To Iota Lite

    Company Contact Information:
    Binary Dawn Interactive Inc.
    Contact | Binary Dawn Interactive

    If there are any questions, comments, or if I can be of any assistance let me know, thanks!



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