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    I recently, within the last 2 months got my iPod Touch and have spent most of the morning looking into the area of Bluetooth "headsets". It seems that there has been some sloppy use of that term. I've always thought of and it seems to be fairly standard on manufacturer's websites, i.e., Sennheiser, etc., that a headset means headphone/mic. The only reason I mention this is that from my investigations, LXZ is quite right about Apple not putting too much emphasis on Bluetooth/iPod Touch and I would suspect for darn good reason. If you have messed with either of these devices (iPhone/iPod Touch), they both do pretty much the same thing excepting of course the iPhone's obvious difference. Frankly, why would Apple instigate more competition with their own products. That is, with wifi connections to the Internet and the prevailing VOIP programs, I am afraid Apple might see customers abandoning their iPhones for the iPod Touch. For me, it is going to be interesting if and when some one can come up with a plug-in device that gives the capability of HFP and HSP with AVRCP, so that the average Bluetooth wireless headset will and can work and we're not just stuck with the current A2DP option.

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