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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by stmteam, Jan 24, 2009.

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    So I was going to get a 2ND Gen for £165 for a friend but noticed a nice deal. £125 for a first-genner, beats those on Ebay and its brand new (sealed) too.

    So what I'm thinking. I know advertised battery life is 22 hrs for iPod touch 1st gen and the new one is 36. How greately different is the life when using things like Cydia and Wifi. I want my bud to be able to surf and Cydia a lot but I just don't think it will work.

    I like the sound of a 1st gen, imho they look better and although the back scratches more (different finish maybe), they seem better built.

    If this iPod has been 1 year old in a warehouse the battery will still be ok? Will I get 12 months warranty from opening it?

    Cheers - what do you think its a £40 saving but the thing is i don't want like iPhone 3.0 exclusive for IPT2g. Something tells me bluetooth and fm radio will be used.
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    2G iPod touch
    two things.

    you can get a 1g for cheaper than that i think.


    the 2g will be jailbroken soon so id go wit dat. before, 1g had the upper hand cuz its jailbreak. now, 2g had jumped up to the same level. then its surpassed it wit its INTERNAL SPEAKER. oooohhhh! AND BETTER PHYSICAL DESIGN. oooooohhhhh! man, i wish i had a 2g.
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    Definitely get the 2nd Gen. Faster Proccessor, Speakers, etc, as frightnedcow said. And indeed the jailbreak is coming. Soon.

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    2G, definitely!
    Faster Processor - I booted up a 1G and a 2G at same time, and the results are... :
    1G - 50 seconds | 2G - 21 second !
    It has speakers, lighter, thinner, curved back, and so on...
    There will also be a jailbreak for it soon, so a lot of people will be buying a 2G

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    Get a 2G

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    I dunno. It's still a tethered jailbreak and you guys might have to carry around a little accessory (say like a USB stick) to inject Redsn0w every time your iPod decides to reboot. I had an iPod touch 2G and replaced it with an iPhone 3G. Boy 2 months of development makes a different, I can see the difference in speed and how snappy apps are.

    However, my mate who I'm getting it for just loves music, wants a bit of wifi and apps, well I don't even know if they'll be used.

    But anyone owning 1G and 2G, comparison in battery? I know how both Touches offer "5 hours of video" and 1g 22 hrs mus, 2g 36 but i'm talking about Wifi, apps like SMB and Spore.
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    iPod Touch 1G purchased brand new for £120. That's a £40 saving over different gens.

    It's brand new boxed and sealed and I'm sure my friend will be happy.

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