Think you have what it takes to be a writer?

Discussion in 'Latest Tech News and Rumors' started by Abcmsaj, Aug 2, 2009.

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    We're in need of a brand new selection of writers! I'm looking for an undisclosed number of possible future writers for a newly updated front homepage in the near future. Think you've got what it takes?

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    If you do, then keep reading coz you'll need to understand what I'm asking you do to. Below are three topics. To put your application forward to me, you'll need to write an article on one of the topics below.


    A review of a Cydia application.
    An article on the features in 3.0
    An article on your opinions on Jailbreaking, and why it's wrong/right.

    It can be any length: Quality, not Quantity! Remember I have to read all of these applications! After you've written it out, you have the option to format it with the help of some pictures and layout editing, (i.e. Bold, Underline, Bullet Points) - You can get some helpful hints on using the layout tools in this thread.

    Once you've perfected your entry, click here and paste it into a PM to me, with your name, age and application type, and then your review. This is how I want your PM to look:

    I wish you all the best of luck. The closing date for entries will be in 2 weeks time, so around Sunday the 16th August. There are a few rules:

    • No copy and pasting from someone else - It's plagiarism and wrong. If you can prove it is your own review or article, then you're free to do that. I will be cross-checking all entries against the internet.
    • One entry per person, multiple accounts won't increase your chances of getting picked, you'll just get banned...
    • I'm not judging on post count or "reputation" - Enter because you like writing, not because people don't know who you are.
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