Things App vs Notify Me 2

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    I hadn't heard of the Things App until just now when I was reading O'Reilly Medias Best iPhone Apps...It chooses the Things App as the best App for To-Do Lists.

    I have seen a lot of praise for an App called Notify Me 2. But O'Reilly doesn't even mention it. Maybe because it isn't 100% To-Do specific. But it does have a To-Do list and it sends you push reminders.

    Is Things better than Notify Me 2? And does Things use push to remind you of upcoming items on your To-Do list?

    Also, I'm not sure if this is in the correct section on this forum...I can't see any forum listed as iPhone Apps & Games...I only see an Apps & Games section for the iPad. If this isn't posted in the right place please let me know. thanx!

    thank you for any help! :]

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