There's gotta be something wrong with my battery

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Zune Killa, Aug 15, 2010.

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    I'm new to the iPod Touch so of course i'm all over it like white on rice, and since I JB it it seems i'm on it even more trying to find the next "can't live without" mod or app. That being said, my battery charge doesn't last very long when constantly emailing/twittering/searching/downloading/installing, etc. I pretty much chalked it up to my heavy use of it. But this afternoon I charged it up fully and before I shut it down I turned off wifi, turned on airplane mode, killed all processes and cleared the multitasking bar. This was around 4pm. I just turned it on now for the first time since and my battery is down to 95%

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    I also notice the battery capacity will fluctuate depending on what i'm doing. When just listening to music it stays constant. But I can get online and start multitasking and the juice will drop from 30% to 20% in a matter of minutes and then when I stop multitasking and just play music I can check back in 10min or so and it's back up to 30%+.

    So I have a few questions:

    1. I drive alot at work and of course use my iPod for my music...when I get some down time I'll find a wifi hotspot and get online which kills my battery pretty fast so I connect it to my car charger (cig lighter type w/usb port) made by iFrogz IIRC. I'll leave it plugged in so long as i'm online with it, is it bad to keep it charging even when it reaches full charge?

    2. Is it possible to overcharge?

    3. Is it a good idea to run the battery all the way down until the device shuts off?

    4. Do these batteries form a memory?

    5. How difficult is it to replace the battery on my own?

    I just bought this a couple weeks ago and per the ser# it was just made in May and is not refurbished. Because it was bought on the street, no warranty is in effect here so am I experiencing to be expected battery life here or does it sound like my battery is bad?

    I am jailbroken on 4.0, normally turn wifi off when i'm not using it and never turn airplane mode on.....until today after reading about it in a thread here.
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    Just in the time from when I began this thread to now, my battery juice has gone back up to 100%. As soon as I turned it on and seen it was down to 95% I immediately locked the screen and sat it down and did nothing with it. I just tapped the home button as if I wanted to unlock it and seen it was now at this normal?
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    The battery randomly jumping between 95% and 100% is actually normal. While charging, you may only get 95% while iPod says its fully charged. Then, you plug it out and it flies to to 100%. Sometimes, but rarely [with me at least], the battery reads 100% while plugged in. Hell, im even starting to get 88% readings and a full charge sign. After unplugging it, it gradually goes up to 100%.

    As long as you see this icon in the battery on the status bar...

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    Then your battery is fully charged.

    Also, the battery readings may get obnoxious once it his 20%. It may fly back up to 30%, then down to 24%, then suddenly to 9%, then back to 27%. Unfortunately, this is normal.

    Not really, iPod is just running off the alternate power source.

    No. iPod will not charge if its at full capacity.

    Not really, but its not a great idea to let a fully charged battery drop to 90% so you can charge it again.

    What ?

    Its REALLY Difficult. About as difficult as trying to work with Christian Bale.

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