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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by spoonforknife, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Welcome to day one of theme reviews! I'll be the first author here, but if anybody else would like to put your reviews in, hopefully we can get a significant amount of people doing theme reviews!

    This week's theme review is on update 1 of the theme SliderKon, by Manic Nimrod. If you would like to see the release thread, please visit it here. It is also available from BigBoss and Touch Revolution on Cydia.


    Design-wise, SliderKon is a triumph. Its slider shape allows for a unique shape and design to the icons. Each of the stock icons are painstakingly rendered from wood and cardboard to chalkboards and shipping crates. They are marvelously done.

    SliderKon provides the traditional matte design that has become very popular these days. Themes like Matte Nano, Grace, and Tinee all mirror its style quite well. However, instead of providing a dark undertone like the other themes, SliderKon's colour palette is bright and sunny. It features thick beiges and lavish pinks that skimp on the texture usually overused in matte style themes, instead opting for bursts of color.

    The wallpaper, dock, and status bar are very mellow considering that they are a somewhat gaudy light purple. The wallpaper has a nice crusty, grainy texture that complements the smooth icons well. Both dock and status bar make the wallpaper a bit darker, simply to separate the areas.

    The theme itself provides very few gripes, but they are fairly significant to the obsessive compulsive group. Quite a few of the icons are very obviously masked and do not fit the design of the theme such as HitTennis and Oregon Trail. In addition, many of the icons are one pixel higher or lower than others. Some icons, most obviously calculator, has a small semi-transparent white box around it, most prevalent in the top right corner.

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    Hilarious Topple 2 Icon


    SliderKon is a great idea. Rather than staying with the conventional 57 by 57 pixel rounded rect, SliderKon purposefully utilizes the shape and dimensions of the slider. The slider, used for the unlocking, answering, and powering off tasks, is instantly recognizable to any user of the device. This spin on icon design is one of the most inventive I have seen since Picnic.


    The amount of icons included in SliderKon is slightly above average, numbering at a round 84. The icons are also of the fairly popular nature including such applications as BeejiveIM, Tweetie, and Winterboard.

    It is also merely a standard theme, not including UIImages, UISounds, and other non-SpringBoard related "themery." The only non-icon graphics SliderKon contains are a notification badge and an unlock slider.

    With one alternate status bar, wallpaper, and dock, SliderKon doesn't leave too much room for customization, but for a standard theme, SliderKon fulfills all of the requirements.


    SliderKon works with Winterboard, the preferred tool of theme management. It is also available on Cydia as well as manual download. Everything works and applies properly.

    The theme works well with 5IRows, so you can use 5 icons per column, but does not work with Five Icon Dock or Five Icon SpringBoard. This is simply because the icons are too wide to have 5 per line. The icons will overlap, and it will simply look terrible.


    SliderKon is technically packaged very poorly. It still contains the Thumbs.db files in each directory, along with a Template.psd, and a screenshot of the theme. Unfortunately, it also does not provide brief installation instructions for new users.

    In addition, if trying to download this package on Cydia, the Thumbs.db in the /Library/Themes directory conflicts with other themes containing the Thumbs.db in the same directory, not allowing the user to install some other themes. This is very disappointing and can only be remedied by the package maintainer.

    Design: 8/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Selection: 9/10
    Compatibility: 4.25/5
    Packaging: 2.75/5
    Overall: 4.25/5
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    awesome review!!!! describes sliderkon so well!
    however, i have to agree with this:

    i tried to download sliderkon and tinee but i could only download one because of the problem mentioned above.
    so i got frustrated and turned my wifi off lol

    again, nice review.
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    4G iPod touch
    GASP! 4.25/5?!?!?! Its AT LEAST 4.26/5!!! Lol, very good review. I don't agree 100%, but very close, and there's nothing wrong with it. You explained everything you said reasonably. Good job!
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    i found myself disagreeing with quite a lot of that

    edit: oh i also don't agree that 'very poorly' equates to a 2.75/5

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