The ugly truth of iTunes App review's "integrity"

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    Hi everyone, this story is about how I get cheated by reviews on the iTunes app store. Last week, I logged in to the iTunes and tried to look for a good manga reader for my iPhone. With the key word “manga”, the application named iManga appears in the first place. Believing the app is of good quality, I clicked upon and went ahead to see some reviews such as:

    “Everything about this app is awesome. And it keeps getting better with every update”- 5 stars- by Manga God

    Cool! People seems to love it, thus I purchase the app and test it out right away. And I feel… TOTALLY CHEATED! It’s even worse than using Safari reading manga on The application is only a mobile website that linked to Not even an application that can run on its own. Besides, a lot of manga titles are not available! What the hell! I got charge US$ 1.99 for something even worse than my Safari. Really???

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    Being pissed off, I went back to iTunes, not because I want to write a bad review for iManga, but want to check the guy name “Manga God”- who wrote the 5 star reviews. Here’s what I found:

    *** All comments from Manga God for:

    1. Manga Rock- Crashes- 1/5 star
    2. Manga DL- It really has a crappy UI. Boo! It crashes a lot and it takes a lot of memory- 1/5 star
    3. Manga Bear- Worst manga app ever. It takes forever to actually read a manga- 1/5 star.

    Now I guess we know who is Manga God now, do you? That’s iManga developers themselves trying to manipulate the iTunes reviews and trick us. If that’s your intention, Manga God, congratulation! You have successfully fooled me! But I will make sure every know about this and they will bring justice to you. And I tell you that, Mr. iManga, no application will survive in the long run with poor app quality and those cheap “trick”. If you have time to run around and manipulate people, spend that time improving our application. iManga developers: BE A MAN, DO THE RIGHT THINGS!

    To other iPhone user, don’t be cheated like me! Open your eye and see what’s hidden behind these “shameless” reviews. Below are all the manga reader apps available now. With Manga Bear had been removed, you guys can try out Manga Rock or MangaDL to enjoy some manga reading on your iPhone.

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    If you are ever cheated like this, please share your experience.

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