The "Russian" Method.

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    Source: Chronic Dev Blog

    "The “Russian” Method
    There seems to have been an unofficial QuickPwn released by an unheard of russian group. I am not stopping you from using it, but here are some warnings and information.

    Basically, they just include the decryption keys for the firmware files, and leave the rest up to the QuickPwn auto search-and-find mechanism for finding the patches. The reason for it being a Windows only release is that the Mac version, properly, requires actual patches, which I assume this group does not know how to get or did not bother finding.

    Because they don’t include any patches, this will cause some problems…
    Unlock: You will need to upgrade to the 3.0 firmware before you use their method, meaning you will get the 4.22 baseband and you will not be able to use it with your carrier if you are unlocked on 2.28 with yellowsn0w right now, nor can you downgrade to an exploitable firmware.
    Expiration: They do not patch out the expiration, so have fun with your brick once a new beta is out if it does not leak
    iPod touch 2G users: They probably do not understand our 24kPwn exploit, therefore they do not support the iPod touch 2G in their modified QuickPwn.

    The best thing to do is to just wait until summer, or stay on release firmwares (2.2.1), but since I know that many will not want to do that, I will just say, you have been warned."
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    We know. Old.

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