The out of warranty replacement process? Tips?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Stemoy, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Well I'm sending in an iPhone most likely tomorrow if I can, to get replaced for 200 big ones...
    My issue is, is that I have 2 different phones to choose from, a 16 gig white or an 8 gig. I did open the 16 gig however to try to fix myself(replaced screen+digitizer) but the logic board was dead too, which I hadn't known. So I would send this one in if it's eligble even after opening it, but needed advise. I know I left a nice fingerprint in a piece of metal inside so it would be pretty obvious.
    And wherever I send it to, California I'm guessing, what do they need to know? Neither was bought by me, one was a friend's and the other my brother in law's, so if I need their name and address and all it will likely be the 8 gig but..I just don't want to send the 16 gig in and be denied or anything.
    Thanks, sorry for the length!

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