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    iPod touch
    okay now this isnt just some ignorant rant or flame, just listen
    i am about to accept defeat, in fact most of us have in away
    i have fought so hard to get my ipod to where its at
    and in the process have become freed from the chains of apple and their app restrictions and fees
    im running 1.1.4, and loving it
    i have emulators, touchpad, the iphone apps, mx tube, islsk, ect ect
    and its awesome
    but, its not getting any better
    installer seems dead, every time i refresh sources, there are less and less new apps
    because everyone moved to 2.0
    there are hardly any new features!
    except of course the app store
    but we already had that, and it was better because it was free! and uncensored
    the new touch is out so im selling mine an gettin it
    and i realize
    it was all for nothing
    all that hacking, winscping, and totalcommanding
    all that for nothing
    now ill have to go to 2.0 which hardly has any apps, and no really great ones
    and ill probably wind up spending another $50-$60 bucks to apple
    now, i dont mine paying for what i get,
    but i bought the touch cause it was a one time fee
    like a laptop
    but now if i want it to have great apps, ill have to pay
    and ill have to pay for updates
    does anyone else want to go back to REALLY hacking the touch
    and not just hacking it with a little apps, while spending tons of money and time on app store apps
    idk maybe im a dieing breed
    what does you think?

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