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    3G iPod touch

    Ok so I’ve decided to slightly edit this guide and include a section on jailbreaking and a section on SSHing for those who have come here without realising that you need to jailbreak to do this, or, for those too lazy to look around to find out how to do it. Therefore I would rename this guide as [tutorial] The guide [tutorial] but I can’t change the title so you’ll just have to imagine that that’s what it’s called. The guide is now split into 6 parts:

    Part1: How to jailbreak
    Part2: How to get SSH working
    Part3: How to make a custom battery
    Part4: Modding the MobileMusicPlayer
    Part5: Creating custom sliders
    Part6: Compiling it all into a full theme

    Ok this tutorial is effectively here to show you everything you need to know to customize your iPod (including jailbreaking and SSHing) for this you will need are:

    WinSCP (windows): here
    Cyberduck (Mac): here
    Or an alternative is:

    Iphone Folders: Iphone folders now lets you treat your ipod/iphone like its a removable drive (at last), this means that there is no need for wifi and the connection will never time out, get it here

    OpenSSH: On Cydia
    QuickPWN: Search Google for it depends whether you have a Mac or a PC and on what firmware your iPod/iPhone is on. heres the website though
    Or Redsn0w/Blackra1n (depending on your firmware version. (both are incredibly simple to use so no explaining needed.)
    Winterboard: On Cydia

    Oh and also some editing software for creating icons, batteries, and all the graphic, the attachment examples are not work that I have done myself, the list of them are:

    Organ theme music player.
    Organ theme custom sliders.
    Battery available in the battery thread.
    Matrix theme available on Cydia.

    Ok so this guide will go over everything you need, sorry for the lack of pictures in the parts 3-6 I didn’t really see what I could put so I’ve attached the needed files.

    Ok another thing i forgot to mention is that the images HAVE to be in .png format, to change them from anythin else use this.

    Ok the dimensions are as follows:

    Part 1

    How to jailbreak
    1) Put the QuickPwn tool onto your desktop.
    2) Open the QuickPwn tool, plug in your iPod and press the arrow to advance.
    3) Let this screen load because it may take sometime, you also may need to browse to where your iPod update (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates)
    4) Leave the Ticks next to “Cydia” and “Installer” (If you want to change your start up logo from an apple to a pineapple also tick “replace boot logos” but it will slow down the start up times.)
    5) Click the arrow twice to pass through the next two screens.
    6) Follow the instructions on the screen from here and wait for the iPod to reboot, don’t worry if this takes ages.

    Please Register or Log in to view images

    7) When this is done and your iPod has rebooted your home screen should look something like this with the two new icons.

    Please Register or Log in to view images

    Part 2

    How to get SSH working

    First go onto Installer and download “Sbsettings” and then go into Cydia and get “OpenSSH”

    SSH- to SSH means to open your iPod filesystem on your computer make sure you follow exactly what I say because you can break your iPod if you don’t; it’s like a 2% chance though.

    Okay so now is the part where you need the WinSCP/Cyberduck, install it from the website I gave you.
    Go to the springboard of your iPod (the main screen with your apps on it) and slide your finger from left to right along the top bar with the time on it to open up Sbsettings, it should look like this (but without the UAfaker thing, I added that afterwards):

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    Connect to WiFi and then open WinSCP/cyberduck, i'm sorry but this guide only cover WinSCP because i'm a PC user, type in the I.P address that is next to Wi-Fi IP address, this will most likely be different for you, the username “root” and the password “alpine” leave everything else as it is and press log in.

    When you first log on you will see something that looks like two panes, left hand side is your computer, right hand side is your iPod and the one that will be edited. Your themes folder is stored under Private/var/stash/themes, or just click the folder with the dots next to it until you can’t go back any more and then click applications, when you’re in the applications folder click the same folder with the dots to take you back to another folder, then click themes.

    Part 3:

    Custom battery

    Ok to create your battery you first need to create a folder called "Your battery.theme" for those people that don't understand what a .theme is, it's a file that winterboard reads to allow it to apply your changes.
    Ok now in the folder called "Your battery.theme" create a new folder called "Bundles" this has to be spelt exactly how i spelt it, and then inside "Bundles" create another folder called "" (exactly how I spelt it)
    Ok now is where you create your custom graphics, an iPod battery image consists of 17 "BatteryBG_#" files, these are the 17 stages that your battery goes through while charging. These battery files are named such as "BatteryBG_1" up to "BatteryBG_17" after you’ve made all of these files you SSH the whole "Your Battery.theme" file into "Private/var/stash/themes.xxxxx" To use it just open up winterboard and apply it.
    There will be an example attached to this thread.

    Part 4:

    Modding the MobileMusicPlayer

    Ok now this one is slightly different to all of the others because this allows you to completely revamp the music player e.g. the play/ pause buttons the volume slider and all of that. This one has a lot of different things to edit, rather than just having to edit one image over and over again, as usual I will include an example to this. Ok as you did before you need to create multiple folders, the first one you need to create is “Your MusicPlayer.theme” inside this you need to create a “Bundles” folder and then inside that there needs to be a “” ok now the files that you need to create inside here are:


    Ok now all of these files are necessary to mod the music player, it would take ages to explain what these all did so you’ll just have to look at the examples provided, now some of these files may appear blank but its just because they’re white on an empty background, these files can be edited to suit what you need them for. The music player customisation works for the video player and the music player but not for the pop-up music player or the lockscreen music player. When you have finished creating this SSH it into the same directory as you did for the battery and apply through winterboard.

    Part 5:

    Creating a custom slider image

    Ok now this part is to show you how to make your own slider images, once again I will provide an example because this one also has lots of different images.
    Ok like your other custom parts you need to create a “Your Slider.theme” and another “Bundles” file inside that, Ok inside this you need to create a “” inside this you need to create:


    these are easy to explain:

    bottombarkbkgnd.png- this is the part that the slider goes along
    bottombarkbkgndlock.png- same as the one above
    bottombarknobgrey.png- is the actual slider for the unlock
    bottombarknobred.png- same as above but for power off
    bottombarlocktextmask.png- the colour that runs behind the text
    topbarbkgnd.png- same as the first one but for the power off

    These can be edited from the one I gave you or just make one from scratch, when these are done SSH and apply.

    Part 6:

    Compiling a full theme

    Ok this part is the most complex and time-consuming part of the whole thing, this part will teach you how to compile your full theme, and this part starts the same as the other parts.
    Ok this part starts the same as the others with the same as the other, “Your theme.theme” now inside this you need all of the these folders:

    And then also

    Quick explanation:

    Bundles- where all the custom batteries, sliders, media players, AT&T images
    Folders- needed for changing the phone keypad/incoming call icons
    Icons- where your custom icons are stored
    UIsounds- the only real uses for this is lock and unlock sounds
    Dock.png- the picture behind your dock
    Wallpaper.png- your wallpaper

    Now is where is gets complicated:

    Inside “Bundles” import your custom slider, battery and media player
    Inside “Folders” create a folder called “” inside this you need:


    These are pretty self explanatory, if not check out the example.

    Inside “icons” you need to add a custom icon for every app you have named exactly the same as the app is but with a .png on the end, this has to be the most time-consuming part of the whole process.

    Inside “UIsounds” just make up two custom .caf sounds and rename them the same as in the example.

    Make your custom dock and wallpaper and then SSH them into the same directory as the others.

    Thanks for reading my long and drawn out guide, post me your replies with comments suggestions and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Oh and yes all of this guide was written by me, the reason that parts 1-2 are written in a different style is that i made them to guide a mate through jailbreaking ages ago which is why they are in a different style.

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    3G iPod touch
    lol just to say, i know its a long thread but its worthwile reading
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    iPhone 3G (White)
    Thanks, this looks really helpful. I'll going back to it when I decide to actually make a theme. Thanks again!
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    how do i get openssh
  5. 42395_skyline

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    iPhone 6

    in cydia then download the SSH client on your computer.
  6. daconcerror

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    3G iPod touch
    OpenSSH is available in Cydia or installer
    If your on a PC then get WinSCP free online or if your on a mac use cyberduck (you may have to check that because i use a PC and dont really know)
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    Download WinSCP Here.

    Download CyberDuck Here.

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    3G iPod touch
    Anyone got any critisism/suggestions for the guide?
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    Yeah, great guide for beginners how want to start theming. Pretty detailed and well explained.
    Good job!
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    2G iPod touch
    i made the 17 stages for the battery with the right name BatteryBG_# but they didnt work on the iPod
    i noticed in the theme i already have, there in .png format, and mine or in .bmp
    if thats the problem, anyway i could fix it?

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