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    ok so heres the story. my apps are not aloud in my itunes because it is not authorized and i cant authorize it because i have 5 computers already authorized. so when i add music to my ipod it deletes my apps including Textfree Unlimited (the only app i use). normally i reinstall it on my ipod no problem but today it reinstalled it all new and it asks for a user name. normally it has my user name saved already and i can use it as soon as i install it. so i dont want to change my user name and so i needed to try to get my name back. i had all the .plist from my old text free app in my trash because i was modding it last night so i moved and overided the new .plist with my old ones and now i can get texts. but i cant reply because when i open it i get this screen

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    how can i delete this screen? behind it is my text!
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    never mind got it

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