Tested and Perfect VNsea guide to access PC on anywhere on the world

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by bruno23, Feb 26, 2008.

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    yo watup guys, im from mozambique, yes, it does exist, its near South Africa. I have an ipod touch and i read about this VNsea, i have the program and it is working for me (btw i have a router)......

    i can use it when i am at home, i put in my ip and watever as instructed by "paintaball" , and it works great. So today i went to my freinds house and tried to access my PC from his place, thru his wifi and it didnt work

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    i was like WTF....
    can someone please guide me THOROUGHLY on how to be able to connect anywhere in the world, from my ipod....

    i searched dis forum and read about d "using VNsea....anywhere in the world", but i didnt undastand JAK of what was going on.....so please someone, i am begging u. Im like one of the only people in mozambique hu have an ipod touch, so i have no one to discuss wit....so guys please help...

    thankx u in anticipation....

    really thank u, awesome app if i get it to work full-time
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    this is because your computer isn't hooked up throught his router. your ipod sends signal to your router adn then your router sends the signal to your pc. what i bieleve it ment when it said anywhere in the world is it works for every1. like even people in south africa.

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