Terminal Applications: Control & Meta Keystrokes

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    This question is oriented more towards those who use *nix and the terminal apps a fair bit:

    I've been thinking about getting an iPod Touch, and for me, one of the biggest draws is being able to ssh into my boxen back home to do various things. I normally have my AIM/MSN and IRC running on a "screen" session on my home linux server (using Finch and irssi). What I would love to be able to do is simply SSH into my box and attach to this screen just like I would from my computer at work. My concerns and questions are the following:

    1) Is it possible to pass keypresses like control-c and meta-1 (I usually have to check the "Use option as meta" checkbox to even get that to work in OSX (in Terminal Inspector - reached by going to Window Options while in the terminal))

    2) Is there a widescreen terminal? Most of the stuff I would be doing would greatly benefit from being wider than it is tall.

    Any help or information you could help me with would be greatly appreciated, but note that I don't need anyone to suggest that I just use Colloquy or Aim on the iPod itself.

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