TeemSoft just announced the new game: Ducal Treasure

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    The Ducal Treasure is here!
    The Ducal Treasure is released today on the iTunes as a new game for the IPhone and iPod touch. The game is designed by Teemsoft, an experienced mobile game developer from Boston that has previously created Cubicman, Whack The Groundhog, Treasure Hunter, and so on. As Teemsoft’s latest game, The Ducal Treasure is using an innovative game engine and has excellent graphics.
    The Ducal Treasure is a fantastic arcade game. The player will lead a team sailing to the Baltic Sea Island to search treasure in an old castle for a Duke whose favorite is collecting treasures. At the ancient castle, a torn picture gives the player a clue to the place hiding the treasure, but a door with tricks locks it. The player needs to conquer 30 levels within 5 stages, before approaching the door.
    The game play is simple but fun. Players just have to click the screen to identify items in each level, according to the provided clues by sketch maps or subtitles on the screen. However, the game is not that easy as it might sound, and it will seriously challenge the player’s judgment to identify items in some levels with puzzle numbers or items, and reflexes and memories to simulate the order as demoed to select items in the given time in later levels.
    To reach the last stage, players must memorize the item selection order and complete the simulation within the certain time limit. Most game players will need practice and practice again to make it. Buy it and have fun! It is available now at Apple’s App Store and priced at only $2.99, while bringing you hours of wonderful gaming experience. Trust me! you will find it a must-have game for your IPhones!!!
    Lite version available for free.
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