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    Hey, I posted a questionnaire earlier on for my A2 coursework, would any of you find this film being a thriller, and would this interest you?

    A man lives his life as a bum at a 20-something after being nagged by his parents to find some work. The man then fins out that a family member has been refused treatment from a corrupt doctor, who is the best man to do the job and the family do not have the money in order to give this family member the treatment, so the man visits a family friend. The family friend is keen for the man to be earning money giving him jobs to do, starting off simple, such as cooking at a canteen and opening a Lemonade Stand. However, once the man finds out that the higher risk, the higher the reward, he is sent to assassinate the corrupt doctor who refused to give treatment to the family member, will this ruin the chances of the family member ever finding a treatment?

    This is a very rough synopsis of what the film will be about.
    Please any comments will help me, thank-you!

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