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    Hey guy's i have TTR on my ipod touch the latest version. This game is the best

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    and i have the guitar hero 3 theme in the game and i need some song request i have some songs in my itunes library but i dont know how to add some more.
    Heres my List:

    - Rhapsody: Lord Of Thunder
    - Rhapsody: Land Of Immortals
    - Rhapsody: Rage Of The Winter(Symphonic Version)
    - Rhapsody: Dawn Of Victory
    - Rhapsody: When Demons Awake
    - Luca Turilli: King Of The Nordic Twilight
    - Luca Turilli: Black Dragon
    - Nightwish: Dark Chest Of Wonders
    - Nightwish: Ghost Loves Scores
    - Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast
    - Epica: The Last Crusade
    THANKS for your help

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    PS: If there is a Tutorial for how to add more songs into the itunes library or the new tracks section can you please add the tutorial. Thanks

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