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    Hey guys! iZ3RO here!
    Some of you may remember a while ago that BlackBurningIce released a Tap Converter that would converter Tap Tap Revenge .tap files into Tap Tap Revenge 2 / 3 .ttr2_track files.
    Well, his version was a bit buggy and did not have a full list of features it required you to do a BUNCH of stuff to make a track.
    We started talking, and he recruited me to make him an amazing new version of that app.
    I started working on it a month ago, and couldn't finish it, due to academic reasons.
    I decided to release what I had now so that everyone can enjoy it, seeing as how jchaike is not releasing Create2Tap any time soon. I will be updating the app every once in a while to add new features to the app, but until then, enjoy!
    The site does not have an official homepage yet, so it only has a zip file and the xml needed to update.
    Download: Link
    Have fun!

    Can't post screenies yet, as I am on a mac.

    New version includes:
    MP3 to M4A Converter
    Artwork resizer
    Converter save and open locations
    Info.plist maker (Coming soon...)

    You still need to edit the XML file, as I have not implemented the change yet.

    I will have a ReadMe on the site soon.


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