t-mobile sidekick plan prepaid works on my iphone 1stgen

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pluspeed66, Jun 27, 2009.

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    i bought a t-mobile prepaid simcard online for $7 at t-mobile.com and got it overnight.. i activated it thru there toll free i i said i want a sidekick prepaid plan their gonna ask imei of your sidekick and i told them that the phone is not with me right now and i need to get it on my cousin so they told me they will give me a temporary imei and i need to call back as soon as i get the sidekick. so i applied the sidekick $1 a day unlimited data and unlimited messaging then i change my apn setting to hiptop.t-mobile.com and it works perfectly on my iphone 1st gen.

    some humors say it doesnt work but it works on my iphone 1st gen..

    $1 a day and you will get unlimited data and messaging thats superb.!! and it comes with free $3 load...

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