Syncing two devices need help figuring it out? Help please

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by therealriley, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Hi I have recently bought another iPhone 3g and for now I want to set up my sim in it and upgrade it to 4.1. Problem being if I connect it to iTunes on my main pc account my iPod is already synced to it and registered to iTunes. I don't want these two to get messed up together. So I've created a new user account on my pc and am now installing the latest iTunes and syncing the iPhone with my sim card in it. Seems simple enough. I've not done this in a long while btw.
    Ok problems.
    My iPhone is jailbroken on 2.1.2 and it's called Kayleigh. When it ask me to update iTunes info do I use my iTunes email I have already set up on my iPod touch? Which is jailbroken on 3.1.
    It's not prompting me to change the phones name yet either and is syncing her apps and crap to my new iTunes how do I change this?
    I will eventually be using both devices and ideally would like them synced to the same iTunes, with my name as the phone but when I've done this before it syncs my old iPhone to my new one? Annoying as this is, that is why I've set up another pc account.
    It's currently backing up kayleighs iPhone still....
    But has my number as the sim.
    How do I get these two devices to run concurrent without messing up it's a pain in the ass. And do I create a new iTunes store account?
    I'm sorry if this makes no sense it's 6am here

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    any help on the issue would be a great help, the scary thing is I've not even started looking at the jailbreak for the new update I'm doing but il sort that later.
    Thanks for Reading.

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