Syncing problem.

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    Over the past few weeks, I've made quite a few mistakes.

    Filled my Ipod to the brim with only 12 mb left

    Forced synchronization with MediaMonkey

    After that, the iPod stopped responding to iTunes and MediaMonkey in that I can't view the music files despite iTunes stating that I have used 6.92 gb in the other section (Where, for some reason, the music is located)

    In haste, I decided to reset the iPod as I had done twice before.

    I used the internal "Erase all Content and Settings" choice in the General section of preferences.

    After an hour or so, the iPod rebooted. Instead of the normal bitten apple icon, I get an Apple icon with a loading wheel under it.

    Every few minutes or so, this cycle of freezing and rebooting starts.

    When I connect this to iTunes, the program states that the information on the iPod cannot be read and that I must restore it to its original factory state. However, when I try to do this, the restore button tells me I cannot connect to the iPod update server.

    Help me.

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