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    I need Help with syncing my itouch with outlook. I keep my calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. in outlook. I manage all of that from my employer-provided laptop. I went to connect to itunes with that laptop and discovered that my employer prohibits access to itunes. My goal here was to use the calendar app in my itouch to access the info in my outlook calendar. I can access my outlook calendar from my home computer but I have to go through a VPN first. When I am in itunes and choose to manage my info I have chosen to sync with outlook.
    It doesn;t work. Somewhere in the process the info from outlook syncs to the wrong dates and wrong times on the touch. That is if it syncs at all. Items entered into my itouch never sync to outlook. I have looked into companion link to solve this problem but they are unable to help. I am rather computer-term challenged so maybe I am missing something obvious. Anybody out there able to help?
    Thanks, Qwalt

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