Syncing issues with ipod touch 2.0.2

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    So I recently had to do a system restore with my PC, so the itunes library was lost.

    I rehooked with touch back up to the fresh itunes install, installed the update to 2.0.2, I managed to install some new music, but then I tried to install an app via the ipod and it wouldnt show up (Shazam?), so then I searched in itunes and found it, clicked install, then went to the applications tab in Sync and it was the only app listed there, so I tried to just synch that specific app, pressed synch and it said it was removing my other apps, so I disconnected.

    Now...what in the hell do I do from here to keep all my existing apps on my ipod but still be able to sync music/movies/photos.

    When I try to unclick "sync applications" it gives me a message that "all existing applications and their data with be removed from the ipod" if I do not choose to sync.

    AAAARRG, now if I go back to the app store, will I have to manually add all my existing apps through itunes, delete them all from the ipod and then add them back?! Normally the App Store on the ipod itself recognizes that I've already purchased an app, but I'm reluctant to purchase again through the app store in itunes.

    any ideas?
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