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    Now, the most common way (and the Apple way) of adding songs/videos/pictures/etc (basically media files) is to have them in a folder somewhere on your computer. iTunes then looks through that folder and copies those files to your iPod. If you delete something from that folder, it gets deleted from your iPod next time you sync it.

    However, what if I don't want to maintain identical files on both my iPod and computer? (Say, I add some videos to my iPod, delete them from my computer, and add some more videos at a later date without my previous videos on the iPod disappearing because they aren't on the computer).

    Slap me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know it is possible to turn off syncing in a certain category in iTunes (say, videos) but that also prevents you from adding more videos with iTunes unless you turn it on again.

    Same thing with apps. Although iTunes is my last resort as a medium to install apps with, how can I install apps with iTunes without having it dump 20 GB of apps on my computer?

    SSH is great, but it's still a pain in the butt (if it's even possible?) to transfer videos/apps/pictures/whatever to the iPod.

    So my question is: is there a easier and more user friendly way to put media files on an iPod? I could care less about having a back up and my hard drive is already almost filled.


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