Sync'ing apps not working?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by snowbird25, Dec 23, 2009.

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    I'm a newbie and am suffering from a little bit of information overload at the moment. I've done a search, but am unfortunately quite poor at it and didn't come up with exactly what I'm having problems with.

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    I've been able to sync my music and converted videos fine, but am not able to sync the free apps I got through iTunes. My Touch isn't jailbroken right now (still researching that,) so I'm thinking it should be a simple process - it's just not working.

    Am I missing something? Doing a restore would be pretty simple at this point with the exception of the painfully long home network password that has to be entered. If there's an easy way to sync the apps without doing a restore I'd be very grateful.

    edited to add: my version is 3.1.2 if that makes a difference? It's the $199 8gb which from what I've gathered is 3rd gen.

    edited again: Through more searching I found the problem - I had enabled a couple restrictions and one of them prevented app installation. I'm assuming this will have fixed the problem. Just posting the update here in case someone else has the same problem.
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    Did you click the Apps tab and select all the aps you want to sync?

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