Synching Tasks, Calendar, Notes, & Docs - iPod Touch/home computer/work computer

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    Even though my research indicates an iPod Touch is not ideal for replacing my Palm TX as my PDA, I decided to give a try anyway. I refuse to put any more money into my Palm TX device and I certainly am not going to buy a new one.

    Here is my current Palm TX setup:

    I am currently using a docking station to sync my to dos, calendar, memos, documents and few other items using the Palm Desktop software. The Palm Desktop software integrates with Documents To Go to accomplish the doc sync.

    At work, with a traveling sync cord, I sync tasks (to dos), calendar, notes to MS Outlook. The documents also sync using Documents to Go software.

    Using the two methods above keeps my home computer, work computer, and Palm TX in sync.

    At work, with my iPod Touch, I don't have access to the internet.

    What is the best way to keep my to dos/tasks, calendar, and memos/notes, and documents in sync on my work computer, home computer, and iPod Touch?

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