sync w/ linux via USB (ibex+virtual box+itunes)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by zosky, Dec 2, 2008.

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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    the touch is one sweet piece of kish!!!
    but why no love for linux ? ... that's rhetorical really,
    apple just refuses to acknowledge those of is in the free world

    there are threads on syncing w/ linux. (jailbreak + SSH).
    i tried this a few months back. i did the ipod convenience thing, gtk-pod, amarok

    ... i achieved 3 things
    1. keeping busy for a few weeks
    2. getting my g|friend pissed because i would get off the PC
    3. having to restore over and over again...

    in the end, i bit my thumb in the general direction of apple
    and went back to a dual boot setup w/ MicroSofty XP
    ( the little voice in my head asks if others have succeeded with this method ? )

    a month back google pointed me to huanix's blog entry
    a how-to for syncing with iTunes using virtual box in ubuntu.
    patching the kernel is way beyond my n00b skills,
    but the patch is packaged up in a neat little bash script so i figured id give'r

    first ubuntu ibex -- download, burn, install, configure & tweak
    then virtual box -- add the source, apt-get install... easy enough
    next the kernel patching... this is when i found an update

    11/22/2008- STOP! DO NOT use this fix. The problem addressed by this script has been corrected in VirtualBox 2.0.6.​

    Bonus (i just installed 2.0.6). so we continue...
    ... found my xp cd, installed into a new virtual machine
    ... instaled iTunes ... activate USB2 in virtual box settings

    YIPEE, no more dual booting. the lesson of the day ...
    ( ibex + virtual box + xp + iTunes ) = sync in linux​

    ... oh what lengths we go to.
    we may not be the target demographic,
    but do they have to make it soo fun

    big thanks to IPTF, the Dev team, BB & everyone else in the scene for all that you do.
    oh and i guess huanix & sun deserve some props too

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    if this helped let me know
    if not, send feedback to /dev/
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    iPod touch
    Awesome to hear, that was the only thing holding me back from installing Ubuntu.

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