iOS 3.1 Sync Videos in Photo tab (Sync videos from 2 seperate computers!)

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    First of all, I apologize if there is already a post on the topic but i couldn't find any and thought this was awesome so i am writing this.

    I wonder why I couldn't find anybody pointed this out but since some time iTunes supported syncing videos along with the photos in the folder you chose to sync photo from in the photo tab. I think this feature was introduced along with the 3GS because the playback control is baisically the same as the video recording preview control in the 3GS.

    You get a pause button, next and previouis video/picture button and a thumnail based scrubbable progression bar at the top. I personally enjoy this interface with the nice thumbnails. You can accidentally flip away from the video with the flick of the finger like a photo would but it doesn't happen often.

    The nice thing about this is that since iPods and iPhones are able to sync from different computers in the seperate tabs (eg. I can sync my music in the home desktop and sync my podcast from the office laptop, same thing applies to each of the tabs) You can have videos from two seperate computers by making your iPod sync "Videos" from one computer and "Photos" with video files in the folder from another.

    I was using 2G 3.1.2 and iTunes 9.0.2 when this feature was enabled although I think any iDevice syncing with iTunes 9 or higher should support it.

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