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    Jun 23, 2008
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    I have had my iPod touch for a few weeks now, but the other day it stopped syncing - partly.

    Let me explain: I can sync Music, Movies, Podcasts and Photos, it is only if I tick anything on the "Info" tab in Itunes that I get an error message. Means: If I want to sync address book, iCal, Mail accounts or bookmarks, iTunes starts syncing the music etc, but then spits out an errormessage when it gets to the latter:

    "iTunes could not sync mail accountsto the iPod because the sync serverfailed to sync the iPod"
    I then started up up the console to have a look what it wanted to tell me, here is what I got:

    Waiter has started running...
    2008-06-19 15:17:41.449 AppleMobileSync998 CFLog (0):
    CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): plist parse failed; the data is not proper UTF-8. The file name for this data could be:
    /Users/elm/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/clientdata/0063006f006d002e006100700070006c0065002e004d006f00620069006c006500530079006e0063002e0063006300330066006500350036006400390036003200330037003800630030003200380063003900620064006300630066003500300039003900640035003300340034006300330064006100620030/00690050006f006400530079006e00630043006c00690065006e00740043006f006d007000750074006500720041006e00630068006f0072004b00650079
    The parser will retry as in 10.2, but the problem should be corrected in the plist.
    2008-06-19 15:17:41.454|AppleMobileSync|998:2684407808|iPodSync.m:ConnectAndSyncDevice| ERROR: Exception NSInvalidArgumentException syncing: *** -NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:: incomprehensible archive (0xd, 0xffffffe6, 0xffffffdd, 0xffffff9f, 0xffffffd2, 0xffffffee, 0xffffff87, 0xffffffeb)
    Waiter is done running
    Sending final status from child helper tool back to parent...
    I found the above syncservices folder, and dragged it to the desktop to see what would happen.
    iTunes could still sync music, but for other data it would tell me this:

    "iTunes could not sync mail accountsto the iPod because an error occurred while pushing data from the iPod"

    So I quickly moved the folder back, and the same (original) errormessage returned.
    I am at loss what to do - reinstall iTunes? ARGH!
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    you could try rebooting your computer and if that doesnt wok reinstall itunes maybe...

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