Sync Mail Accounts in iTunes (mac) empty list

Discussion in 'iPod touch January App Pack (iPhone Apps)' started by arcterex, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Just wondering if anyone can help me on this... my iPod just came back from apple repair (headphone jack went wonky) and it came back with the 1.1.3 firmware with the extra software installed. I haven't jailbroken it again yet, but noticed the 'synchronize mail accounts' in the itunes info setup, but it's blank!

    I have 2 accounts set up in on my mac an exchange and an IMAP, and have restarted iTunes, but the list under the mail account sync is still empty. What's the requirement for them to show up?

    I know I can also just add them on the iPod, but I was hoping to use the iTunes for simplicity.


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