Symbol not found : _GmailAccountUseRecent

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by fail4sure, Jul 14, 2008.

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    hi all.

    the ipod touch was originally 1.1.4 and purchased the $20 january software upgrade.
    When I jailbroke it, i was then happy to see I was able to SSH (me, being an avid FreeBSD guy was pleased to see shell access to it)

    after jailbreak, I noticed that there's no mail, notes, stocks, weather and maps on springboard... so I followed threads in this forum.

    Was able to bring back notes, stocks and weather. Had trouble with maps but eventually found a working GMM.framework for ipod touch and it worked.

    I cannot restore mail. I downloaded and overwrite the mobilemail app that was installed (coz it was'nt showing up in the springboard, only to find out that all I need to do was to rename a single file in folder)

    if I go to /Applications/ and launch


    it will show an error something like:

    Symbol not found: _GmailAccountUseRecent

    (something like .. it is expected by /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/MobileMailSettings.bundle/MobileMailSettings

    Others told me that this shows version mismatch... but i don't know... maybe... i just wanna beg for some assistance in this forum. My take is that the that I have is from an iphone of different version, and it somehow needs libraries and it doesnt exists.

    does anyone of you have a good ipod touch 1.1.4 can you possible direct me to where I can get MobileMailSettings.bundle or zip/rar of an entire ipod touch built-in mail app including and MobileMailSettings.bundle

    is my case related to?

    my Maps by the way is working OK.


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