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    http://www.woot.com/ has XtremeMac Portable Battery Packs for only $12.99 + $5 shipping

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    * Rechargeable lithium battery pack with up to 80 hrs audio/8 hrs video play time
    * Dual headphone jacks, volume controls and digital amplifiers
    * Ideal viewing angle for watching video; Audio/Video line out
    * Syncs and charges iPod with Apple USB or FireWire cable
    * Compatibility: iPod nano (1G and 2G), iPod mini, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video

    In the box:

    * Battery Pack
    * User Manual

    BUT will it work with the ipod touch? I am guessing it will, but I am not positive. I will probably get one and see if it works

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