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    3G iPod touch
    Hey iPod touch Fans,

    I'm a n00b here. I got an iPod touch (3rd gen) for Christmas (I was a bit sad because I asked for a 2nd gen so i wouldn't have to deal with the tethered-ness, even though I do now. lulz) and jailbroke the first day. Well, I installed a Pink Floyd theme (or tried, lol) and I went into recovery. Naturally, I freaked. I restored. Then a few days later, I re-jailbroke after researching a bit (My good friend Google and here =]) and I have a 5x5 springboard with a Sonic wallpaper, Metal Gear Solid lock noises, an Aperture Science battery and moar.
    So about me.
    I love classic rock, i play the guitar, final fantasy (for once VII isn't my favorite. IX is as its one of the most underrated games evar. Lolsorryweaboospasm), god of war, sonic, i like making scrambled eggs for breakfast, I hate school, nnnilovehalflifeandportal. Sorry lol. And Metal Gear Solid. Luckily enough, I'm not a 360 fanboy.
    Whoa. I got a bit carried away. So anyway, I've used forums before (I caught on quickly-noticed the search bar within 5 seconds-almost impossible right?lol) and I noticed i have like 8 tabs of this website open so i figured, why not register? So i did. That message took over 9000!!!111!! minutes to type.not really. sorry internets meme.

    Well anyway, hello! I hope i can contribute...somehow!!

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