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    Heres a tutorial on how to get summer board to work on 1.1.3
    its a little tricky but your guys should be able to do it.

    first off, make sure you have a jailbroken 1.1.3 ipod touch.
    make sure BSD Subsystem is installed
    And make sure open SSH is installed as well.

    then go into installer and install "boss tool"

    when boss tool is done downloading. open up boss tool.
    a the top of the app it says free up disk space.
    and it will open a new window and at the bottom of the screen click move apps.
    click yes.

    then go back into installer and go down to system and install summer board 3.1-1 make sure its that version!
    install it.

    also you might want to install services from installer.

    when down, reboot your ipod

    now you will see the icon for SMB Prefs but it wont work yet.

    Now you need to download these files to your computer.

    Its called putty

    open putty. where it says hostname type your ipod touch's IP address witch you can find in your network connections on your ipod.

    then after ypeing in your ip. click connect
    i should open a windows bat file window.. it might not show progress for a min or so. it says like a security breech. ignore it

    in the window it will say login as.
    typ this in

    for login: root
    when ypeing password it will not show the password, then press enter.

    afer this copy and paste this into the window

    copy this:
    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard

    then in the window. just righ click and its in.

    no progress will show in the window. so then wait about 30 seconds and then press the exit button.

    now you will need to use a program such as cuteFTP pro or a program to connect to your ipod to transfer files.

    once connected to your ipod

    locate your self o the system folder in your ipod
    then click library
    and then click coreservices
    then click

    now copy all the files right below the folders. copy everything
    right click
    click properties
    change th exceptions to 755
    click ok

    and then you should be good.. go back to your ipod, restart it, then go to summerboard, and it should be working

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    later on there will be easyer ways to get summerboard working bu for now this works...

    and there you go..

    plz donate if this tutorial helped you...

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