Suddenly *junky* sound in my right earphone!?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sagsi, Jan 4, 2008.

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    Well ... I'm using my iPod touch more and more and more and more at work. I have the "fighters" in the cubes next to me, not to mention everyone else is on a conference call (and fighting!), and now there is construction 20 feet away

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    Anyway ... like I said, I'm using my iPod touch *ALL* the time.

    BUT ... TODAY, suddenly on several tracks from various albums my right earphone was *breaking up* on "base" kind-of-stuff ... not all but some

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    Some rock, some classical ... it was just wierd?

    I assumed the right earphone on my B&O A8s must have gone bad. But it still seemed very strange to me that not all things sounded bad, were destored, etc.

    This happened about 1pm ... so I re-played over and over various things several times while doing my normal work before I left about 5pm to confirm that either my iPod was shot (I've seen several posts stating "My phone jack went bad", etc.); OR my B&O A8s were dead.

    It was bad

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    The sound was distorted and crappy (only for certian base in the right ear) on all the tracks that I suddenly noticed this on just today.

    Well ... this story is getting very long, so I'll cut to the chase!!!

    I re-booted (completely powered off) my iPod touch for the first time since ... well I upgraded to 1.1.2 back at the beginning of November.

    All the sound problems have vanished! The sound quality is once again superb!

    (So I guess in some respects the 'touch is like a windows PC ... a re-boot can make magic happen!)
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    Yeah, the iPod runs a slimmed down version of OSX, so just like a computer stuff builds up over time. I make a point of restarting my iPod at least once a week, just to keep everything in running order.

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