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    a lot of people have had a problem that states that the main script failed, this is due to missing files/ exces files installed on ipod. if this problem happened to you and it is showing just the apple icon and it seems to have been there forever do the fallowing...

    i can't say that this will work with iphone but it shoudl work with ipod touch...

    -plug ipod into computer
    -exit everything that has to do with ipod/itunes (even the procceses)

    1. download iphuc
    2. put it in folder on desktop

    1. hold down the powerdown button, as well as the home button.(about 30 seconds)
    2. it will restart about 3 times
    3.turn back on, and go to itunes and buy any random song and sync it to ipod
    4.when it is showing the apple icon then open iphuc and enter comand
    (when ipod enters recovery close iphuc) itunes
    6.RESTORE TO 1.1.3

    that should work...

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