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    As FTW as 1.1.1 is, I'd like to get my 8GB iPod Touch 1G off of this outdated firmware. Theres a problem:*explanation goes here*...and this, inevitably, causes my ipod to go into recovery mode when I try to update or restore from ANY firmware. If you have not guessed, I have no idea why I can't update(error 5 when shift + click on update or 1.1.1 is the newest when clicking) but I do have an idea; a couple of months ago, I installed an app that let me change my firmware version(text only). It is my thinking that this is causing some verification issue thus causing me to load ibrikr to fix this. Right now, I'm looking through my installer repos to try and find the app again.

    ***EDIT*** Found the app. I hid it in customize a while back. Now I'm going to try again.

    ****MEGA EDIT!!11!!11one!**** iTunes will now let me upgrade to 1.1.5

    *Failure of epic proportions* When installing the 2.0.2 firmware it sends into recovery mode
    Thank goodness for iBrikr. Downloading 1.1.5 now and will try to install 2.0.2 from that.

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