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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by notrubskwah, Sep 10, 2010.

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    So heres the deal got a ipod touch 2ng gen fairly cheap because it is stuck in a recovery loop. I was just wondering how exactly to get out of this, everytime i try a restore it hangs up on "waiting for ipod", and even in dfu mode the same thing happens. i am on windows 7 and had a hard time getting libusb to install but finally got it through a tut on libusbfix for win 7 and vista. anyways that being said i tried ireb and get no response when i click what type of device it is)(2nd gen ipod touch) and recboot and it says its kicking it out of recovery mode but just sits there forever saying that and doesnt affect it in any way, irecovery doesnt seem to want to work on my computer it pops the black window up and then it just dissapears. The former owner of this ipod said they were updating)dont know which firmware) and it stopped at 99% also said it took forever just to get that far and its been like this since that, they also said that it was not jailbroken and was not going to do it either. So i dont know why it is stuck but could appreciate some help on getting it out, thanks in advance.
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    now this ipod is stuck on the apple screen and the computer will not recognize it unless i put it back into recovery or dfu, i restored it through itunes in dfu mode and it took probably 3 hours to do it which is crazy, has anyone experienced this before, thanks

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