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    [SOLVED] Won't Connect to iTunes screen

    I accidentally clicked on update in iTunes (I was already jailbroken with 2.1)

    So I just let it update. But the update didnt work coz I needed to restore first I think. Now its stuck on the screen where it has the itunes logo ang usb cord and says connect to itunes. I connected but iTunes won't read it.

    I have tried going into DFU mode but its still at the same screen. Maybe i'm counting wrong..? Can someone pls. help. I need my iPod tomorrow.

    .. i Think its my iTunes it won't read my ipod any help???


    OK., forget it! Solved after 4hours...

    Just in case this happens to anyone.. Let me clear things up.

    My PC and iTunes wouldn't recognize my iPod Touch. I updated iTunes to 8.1. But when I would connect, the device wouldn't be recognize (but finally read by my PC) Something went weird the Apple Mobile Support.. Tried repairing didn't work. So I uninstalled EVERYTHING that has to do with iTunes/iPod.. (iTunes, Apple Mobile Support, Bonjour.. ) and reinstalled an updated verison of iTunes. And no DFU was needed to be done. Just a restore...

    I might as well upgrade while jailbreaking my ipod again..

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