Stuck at black screen! HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by one2many, Jul 26, 2009.

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    So I'm scared as hell right now. I was trying to put TTR1 on my ipod without syncing to itunes because it's my desktop and I'd rather not loose all my apps. So in order to SSH it to your ipod you have to add some files and change a file and then reboot. Well after I started the reboot I read that you have to sync screwing that up but then it just sat there and sat there at the black screen. It will connect with Itunes and attempt to back up back it says Ipod was disconnected. Normally I would DFU restore but I accidently formatted my laptops HDD and I'd like to keep all I can. Am I just gonna have to get over it and do it? I mean my Itunes account will have all my purchased stuff on it right?

    *edit* every ten minutes or so it will show a safari looking window, shut off, display the start up window (black screen with apple). Then when the backup starts it goes away.

    *edit2* every couple minutes or so the apple logo comes on with the loading circle (not the rainbow one) then it just goes away.
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    Alright I said screw it and DFUd restored it

    I'm probably not gonna jailbreak for a while now. I'll wait until I upgrade to 3G if the hardware rumors are true.

    Now to wait 18 full minutes for 3.0 to download -.-
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    you shoulda waited till the battery drained, then plugged it in and restarted...theres a possibility that it coulda been fine

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