Streami game audio - pc to g1 touch (help?)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by hobbezz, Jul 4, 2009.

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    Hi guys

    I installed vnc on my ipod touch yesterday and was playing around to see all the various things i can do with it. It's quite fun!

    Of all things, i managed to do the number one thing i've always wanted to do with my ipod: play starcraft!

    It's ridiculously hard, but with a little practice (and work on my pointer skill) i think i actually could take down a couple of my least in a free for all

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    Anyway, despite the difficulty, i'm enjoying it very much!

    While i hope for a future version of the pc uvnc server with audio enabled, i have to resort to find a secondary means of streaming audio from my pc to the ipod. It's not that big of a deal. I can still play audio-less (if the pc isn't close by), but it would definitely help to hear when something of mine is exploding or something like that.

    So my question: is there an app that will let me stream audio from my pc to my ipod?

    I tried airfoil but it sucks. For starters, The audio is delayed a good 5-6 seconds (and i can even accept that, if necessary), but the problem is that after a little while it keeps crashing starcraft. Worst of all, even if it works without issues, i have to keep the airfoil app open, so i can't switch over to vnc and control the screen.

    Is there any solution? Is there an app that will work with game audio, not crash, and let me switch over to another app?

    Alternative ideas are welcome, but i don't intend to jailbreak my device.

    Thank you
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