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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    hi there all my first post so be kind

    right i upgraded my 3gs 16gb to 4.1 so i could snowbreeze 2.0 JB it
    so i went to install the custom ipsw to no avail and anyways it wouldnt boot
    so i went to the itunes proper update 4.1
    later i read lots of info on the forums about the shsh blobs are stored on cydia servers
    now the strange my shsh blobs are there but as a 3G 4.01 and not 3gs which my phone is deffo is
    and if i use the firmware 4.01 for the 3g it doesnt work not my version match
    and if i goto firmware 4.01 for 3gs i get error 3194 or 3002
    i got the blobs from tiny umberella 4.1.4 and it was from my phone
    also ive tried changing the host IP like some posts recommend with no joy
    thanks ahead if theres anyway of getting the 4.01 back on
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    also my question is is the ecid number unique to each phone and why is mine down as a 3G and not a 3GS
    can i still downgrade back to 4.01? anyone

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