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    Feb 16, 2009
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    To start off:
    Tutorial I used
    I am on vista 64 bit
    I am able to get to step 14 with zero problems, now usually the author said that when you get to 14 it says "when its done it will try to boot (apple logo)" this is the biggest problem right here for me, instead of doing that it gives my the usb cord pointing at itunes logo, i dont believe this should be here none the less i proceed to the next steps.
    I get all the way to 19 with zero errors then i type "go"
    then instead of booting the "non jailbroken firmware" it shows the usb cord point towards itunes logo.

    I have followed this tutorial exactly as it is read, I have done the necessary steps to ensure that i can connect libusb on my vista 64 bit machine.
    I have repeated steps 12 - 19 two times
    and i have tried using decovery

    if you have any suggestions please tell me im all ears/eyes.

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