Stop Typing the Arm code manually - Script Included

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    I would first like to thank all the people who have written docs and batch files/etc to help everyone out. I hope this little piece of code will help some people, and if someone wants to add it to their scripts, feel free - (Please give credit as well.... lol). Ok, When you use the irecovery -s or one of the batch files out there, it spawns c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe (This script will not work if windows is ANYWHERE other than C

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    . So to use this :

    Now, unrar the .exe to some location (Doesnt matter where)

    1. Use whatever method you want to get to irecovery -s (Launch it yourself, use a batch file / etc... I doesnt matter.) When you get to the type in the commands part you are ready.

    2. Leave your DOS window and Double Click ipod_commands.exe.

    3. You wont see ANYTHING happen yet.

    4. Go click back on the DOS window and the commands will be entered for for, all the commands from the readme that in the Redsn0w lite.

    IMPORTANT!!! When you click your DOS window again, do not press anything or click your mouse to another active window until the /exit command is entered.

    5. Continue on.

    I know this makes a reboot MUCH easier for me... I hope you find it as easy.

    Great work and thanks for the team for releasing the tethered version.

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